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Dog Vaccinations Aventura

Dog Vaccinations Aventura

From the moment you bring your puppy home he is a member of your family. You need to provide your dog with the best care possible and that includes regular wellness exams and dog vaccinations in Aventura. During a regular checkup your vet will examine your pet’s teeth, eyes, repiratory system, heart, abdomen and lymph nodes, skin and ears. In addition to an overall health assessment the vet will also conduct some tests.

Dog Vaccinations in Aventura

As part of preventative care, you dog will require a number of vaccinations. Puppies need to have a series of immunizations while adults need dog vaccinations in Aventura. Vaccinations are generally categorized into core and non-core immunizations. Core vaccinations are those that are necessary for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. Non-core vaccinations are those that are recommended based on the particular needs of your pet.

Rabies vaccinations are the most well-known of the core immunizations. Rabies is a serious disease that is often fatal. Dogs can transmit rabies to people through bites. If your dog bites someone you will need to prove that the dog is protected with a recent rabies shot. Rabies shots are required by law. Puppies over 3 months of age need rabies shots as well as adult dogs on a yearly or every three year schedule.

Your vet will provide you with the details regarding rabies vaccinations. When your pet is vaccinated you will receive a rabies tag that you should display on your dog’s collar. Other core dog vaccinations in Aventura include distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus (canine hepatitis) and adenovirus (kennel cough). These are necessary for puppies and boosters are needed as puppies grow into adulthood.   

Other Recommended Vaccinations

Your puppy or dog may require some other types of vaccinations. Bordetalla protects dogs against kennel cough and is helpful if your pet is going to be boarded around other dogs. Canine influenza is a yearly vaccine for protection against the flu. Lyme disease vaccine is recommended for dogs that will have a high risk for exposure to ticks, which can carry lyme disease. Leptospirosis is a vaccination that is generally for dogs that may be exposed to rodents and standing water.

Vaccinations in dogs are similar to those in people. Vaccinations are generally safe but you should always observe your dog after receiving a vaccination. If you notice any problems, contact the veterinarian immediately.

Vaccinations can protect dogs against disease but they can’t prevent it completely. Older dogs and dogs that are unprotected are most susceptible to some types of diseases that are spread easily between dogs. If your pet is at risk for any diseases discuss the matter with your vet to determine whether a vaccination is appropriate.

Once your dog has the proper vaccinations you can usually take him around other dogs without fear. Now your dog can participate in doggy day care, visit dog parks and have fun outdoors. Adult dogs should visit the vet annually to get a wellness checkup and to receive any shots that are needed.



Dog Vaccinations Aventura
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Dog Vaccinations Aventura
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