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Doggy Day Care Upper East Side

Our Philosophy on Dog Care

Introduction to Doggy Day Care Upper East Side

When it comes to finding top-quality doggy day care upper east side, pet parents want nothing but the best for their furry companions. At Benterprise, we understand that your dog is more than just a pet; they are a cherished member of your family. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to offering unparalleled dog care services that cater to the unique needs of each dog and their owners.

Our Philosophy on Dog Care

Our journey began with a simple love for dogs and a desire to provide them with the care and attention they deserve. Founded by Ben Chaplin, a dog lover turned entrepreneur, Benterprise was born out of a passion for making a difference in the lives of dogs and their owners. Our philosophy is simple: every dog should experience love, care, and attention, even in the absence of their owners.

Comprehensive Services Offered

Training and Behavior Modification

Whether your furry friend needs basic obedience training or more specialized behavior modification, we collaborate with Amanda Gagnon Dog Training to ensure your dog's needs are met. Our holistic approach addresses various behavioral issues, providing you with a well-rounded companion.

Dog Walking

Our dog walking service is not just a stroll around the block. Our walks are adventures in the Upper West Side, where your dog can explore, play, and socialize under the watchful eye of our experienced dog walkers. We offer flexible scheduling to fit your busy life.

Overnight Care & Puppy Sitting

For those who need to be away, we offer overnight care and puppy sitting services. Your dog will be treated to a comfortable and safe environment, ensuring they feel at home even when you're not there.

Why Choose Benterprise for Doggy Day Care Upper East Side?

Personalized Care

At Benterprise, we believe that every dog is unique. That's why we take the time to get to know your dog's individual personality, preferences, and needs, tailoring our services to ensure they receive the most personalized care possible.

Experienced Team

Our team of dog care professionals is passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced. From the muscle Eric to the communicator Brandon, each member brings a unique skill set to cater to the diverse needs of our canine clients.

Community and Trust

We've built a community of trust with our clients on the Upper West Side. Our commitment to transparency and communication ensures you're always in the loop about your dog's day, fostering a relationship built on trust and understanding.

Heartwarming Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Our clients rave about the difference Benterprise has made in their and their dogs' lives. From improved behavior to increased socialization, our services have not only met but exceeded expectations, strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners.

Getting Started with Benterprise

Embarking on your Benterprise journey is simple. Contact us today to discuss your dog's needs, and let us tailor a care plan that suits you both. Whether you're in need of dog walking, training, or overnight care, we're here to provide your furry friend with the best care in the Upper West Side. Welcome to the family!

Our Commitment to Quality Care

At Benterprise, your dog's well-being is our top priority. We are dedicated to providing high-quality care that ensures your dog is happy, healthy, and thriving. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every service we offer, making us the ideal choice for doggy day care upper east side.


Choosing the right doggy day care is crucial for the happiness and well-being of your beloved pet. At Benterprise, we offer more than just a service; we offer a family. With our comprehensive care, experienced team, and personalized approach, we ensure your dog receives the best possible care while you're away. For those seeking exceptional doggy day care upper east side, look no further than Benterprise. Let us be a part of your dog's journey to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Heartwarming Testimonials

What are common concerns when choosing doggy day care, and how does Benterprise address them?

One of the most common concerns is the safety and well-being of the dog while at day care. At Benterprise, we prioritize the safety of every furry guest by ensuring they are supervised by experienced and passionate dog care professionals. Another concern is whether the dog will receive enough attention and stimulation. To address this, we offer personalized care plans, considering each dog's unique needs and personality. We also provide a variety of activities and services, such as training, walks, and socialization opportunities, ensuring your dog stays engaged and happy.

Are there any misconceptions about doggy day care that you'd like to clear up?

Definitely! A common misconception is that doggy day care is only for social dogs or those needing exercise. However, at Benterprise, we cater to all types of dogs, including those who may be shy or require special attention. Our personalized care approach means we adapt to the individual needs of each dog, ensuring they have a positive experience, regardless of their temperament or energy levels.

Can you provide insights into how doggy day care can improve a dog's behavior and overall well-being?

Regular attendance at a quality doggy day care like Benterprise can significantly improve a dog's behavior and well-being. Socialization with other dogs plays a key role in developing good behavioral patterns, including proper dog-to-dog communication. Furthermore, the structured routine of day care can provide dogs with a sense of security and reduce anxiety-related behaviors. Our collaboration with Amanda Gagnon Dog Training allows us to offer behavior modification services, tackling any issues directly and promoting a healthier, happier lifestyle for your dog.

How does Benterprise ensure personalized care for each dog?

At Benterprise, we believe that every dog is unique, requiring a tailored approach to care. We start by getting to know your dog's personality, likes, dislikes, and any special requirements they might have. This information allows us to customize their day care experience, from the activities they engage in to the way we handle their training or behavioral needs. Our dedicated team members, such as the muscle Eric or the communicator Brandon, each bring their unique skill set to provide personalized attention and care, ensuring your dog feels at home with us.

What should pet owners consider when choosing a doggy day care on the Upper East Side?

Choosing the right doggy day care is crucial. Pet owners should look for a facility that emphasizes personalized care, transparency, and a strong commitment to safety. It's important to find a service that offers flexible scheduling, comprehensive services, and has an experienced, passionate team. At Benterprise, we pride ourselves on meeting these criteria and going above and beyond for our furry clients. We encourage potential clients to reach out, ask questions, and even visit us to see firsthand how we can meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

What makes Benterprise's commitment to quality care stand out?

Our commitment to quality care stands out through our personalized approach, dedication to safety, and experienced team. Unlike other services, we don't just provide basic care; we strive to enhance the lives of the dogs we look after by focusing on their individual needs, offering a range of services including training and behavior modification, and maintaining open communication with their owners. Our partnership with Amanda Gagnon Dog Training ensures we address behavioral needs with expertise, and our commitment to transparency builds trust with our clients, making us a preferred choice for doggy day care on the Upper East Side.

How can pet owners get started with Benterprise, and what should they expect?

Getting started with Benterprise is simple. Just contact us to discuss your dog's needs, and we'll work together to tailor a care plan that suits you both. Pet owners can expect a warm welcome into our community, where your dog's well-being is our top priority. From the initial meeting, you'll notice our commitment to personalized care and professionalism. Whether you need dog walking, training, or overnight care, you can trust us to provide your furry friend with the best possible care. We're here to make your dog's transition to day care seamless and enriching, offering peace of mind and a happier, healthier life for your pet.


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All training needs are handled through our training partners over at Amanda Gagnon Dog Training. They are the best of the best and have been helping our furry upper west side residents be on their best behavior for many years. We have known Amanda and her team since we first started walking dogs in the area. They effectively and passionately take on any behavioral challenge your dog might have.

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